Srilanka is surely a fascinating tourist attraction for many travelers. A tiny island nation filled with full of adventurer activities such as surfing and trekking.

The country has plenty of tourist attractions for both religious devotees and history buffs. However, no one argues Sri Lanka’s incredible natural beastliness.

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Yala National Park

Yala national park is filled with fascinating vistas and a plethora amount of SriLankan wildlife. The park has a huge density of leopards, in world also the park was home to bears, elephants, crocodiles, and 200 bird species. Apart from fauna and flora, the park is home to two historic and pilgrimage sites such as site Pahwa & mogul vihara.

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Adams peak

Huge sacred mountain (2,243 meters) topped with a boulder, which was significant to many regions. At the top of the summit, there is a large boulder with print, the very important thing is the print exactly looks like a footprint. To Muslims and Christians it’s the footprint of Adam, to Buddhists it’s the footprint of Buddha to Hindus it was made by the deity Shiva. Whatever your trust Adams peak is a charm and attractive natural site to visit, and it will provide pretty cool adventure during the time of climb the mountain.

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Unawatuna beach

white sand beach located on the tiny coastal town Unawatuna, such a marvelous place to relax. There are outnumbered amount of scuba diving and snorkeling operators in town to provide a bounty of adventure experience to the travelers just off the beach. Glowing fishes and an abundant amount of turtles have usually seen things in these waters.

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Galle Dutch Fort

The fort was built in the year 1505 by the Portuguese when they made their first landing on that island. Afterward, the fort was seized by Dutch. They also made some improvements including a huge sea wall that still lines the fort. In today’s modern world the fort was filled with restaurants, hotels, clothing, and memento shops. Galle Fort is the best example of a combination of European and Asian architecture.

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