Mauritius sparkling like a gem in the south Indian Ocean, it’s an island nation. Mauritius is familiar for its beaches, mountainous landscapes, sleeping volcano, valleys, and easily accessible waterfalls. These things make Mauritius one of the best tourist destinations in the world also among the best honeymoon destination.

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Mauritius – Pearl Of Indian Ocean

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ILE Aux Cerfs Islands

Ile aux Cerf’s is also called Deer Island located near the east coast of Mauritius in flack district. The island is situated over an area of 100 hectares. The island is blessed with magnificent white sandy beaches, terrains, volcanic rock, and tiny lakes, that things make the place more charm also the island offers activities such as water skiing, snorkeling, swimming, glass-bottom boats, and more.

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Mauritius Botanical Garden

This botanical garden is officially known as see woosagur botanical garden. One of the most visited and best botanical gardens in the world after London’s new garden. At first, it was opened as a private garden by the French governor of Mauritius later period it becomes a national botanical garden of Mauritius. This national park is home to more than 650 varieties of plants. Some familiar plants are baobabs, palmier and giant water lilies.

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ChamarelFalls And Seven Colored Earths

Chamarel is a tiny village of west coast Mauritius. The place is well known for its blessed colored earth and Chamarel falls. The seven-colored earth is the most prominent place to visit. The reasons behind the colors are the conversion of lava to clay minerals.
Another one amazing place is Chamarel falls situated on St. Denis River. Three distinct streams of the waterfall from a height of 272 feet into the canyon. Many of them considered it’s the most attractive waterfall in Mauritius.

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Trou Aux Cerf’s

Trou aux Cerf’s also called as murr’s volcano. It’s a sleeping volcano situated about half a mile west of the city cure pipe, Mauritius. “Cone and carter” – volcano it’s the best example of an amazing natural formation. That means it has a large concave valley at the top of the volcano. It was fully covered with lush flora and it’s a favorite spot for joggers.

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