Maldives Tour Packages From Coimbatore

    Maldives Holiday Packages from Coimbatore

    Are you searching for best Maldives tour packages from Coimbatore? We Onroadz are the best Maldives tour operators in Coimbatore at an affordable price. Our team of experts are specially curated the perfect itinerary that matches for every travellers in Coimbatore. With Onroadz Tour you can avail your reasonable and customizable Maldives travel packages from Coimbatore that suits for every kind of travellers.

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    Here, we share the reasons why Maldives should be on your travel bucket list.

    • Most Romantic Place on Earth

    • Amazing Myriad of Marine Life
    • Unrivalled Luxury experiences
    • Living on the Ocean
    • Beautiful Scenery in Paradise
    • A Paradise’s Race against Time
    • The Ultimate Privacy & Unforgettable Travel Experience

    “Jobs Fill Your Pocket But Adventure Fill Your Soul”

    The amazing thing about traveling is it opens our mind and heart and makes us better people.

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    The Maldives capital male it’s a prominent first stop on your Maldives vacation tour because it’s the best place in the country also the international airport located in male. It provides convenience to explore the city before you embark on other islands. The city receives and entertains tourists with its artificial beach, tsunami monument, & male national museum. Also, you can taste some delicious food from a wide variety of restaurants and bars.

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    Banana Reef

    The banana reef is eventually the best diving destination for diving enthusiasts. The reason behind that island’s name is its shapes like a banana when viewed from above. Banana reef contains some of the most attractive cliffs, caves and coral growths, and several species such as exotic fish, squirrel fish soldierfish, and Maldivian grub fish.

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    Artificial beach

    Artificial beach- the name itself represents, this location is paradise for both local and overseas travellers. The extended land recovers from the sea and forms the beach. The artificial beach contains specially made swimming areas, and it’s a famous place for social gatherings, carnivals, & concerts. Cafés and restaurants are also available for visitors.

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    Sun island

    Nalaguraithoo island probably known as sun island, it’s a perfect destination in the Maldives to enjoy your trip. Sun island show off some bluish sky and water, white sand beaches, and lavish greenery things to explore, also it gives some adventure activities such as windsurfing, snorkeling, and scuba diving.

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