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    Most advanced industrialized nations and the most popular travel destinations for many travelers. Japan is uniquely combined in both ways of traditional and modern with buildings and temples from the past co-existing with modern achievements in tech and architecture. Japan has the lowest crime rate than any other country in the world it makes the travelers ideal of visiting the country. The natural beauty of Japan can be seen throughout the year.

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    Japan – Land Of Rising Sun.

    The amazing thing about traveling is it opens our mind and heart and makes us better people.

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    Mount Fuji

    Country’s most recognizable landmark and also it retains the name of Japan’s highest mountain peak at a height of 3,776 meters (12,388 ft.). The volcano’s exceptionally symmetrical cone is a familiar symbol for Japan. It’s a famous picturesque spot for photographers and a tourist attraction for sightseers and mountain climbers. More than 200000 people climbs Mount Fuji 30% of them are foreigners.

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    Hiroshima Peace Memorial

    Hiroshima peace memorial it retains the unforgettable memory of the lives lost when the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima during the period of world war in the year 1945. The only nearest building stands in the vicinity after the bomb dropped. Hiroshima peace memorial reminds visitors of the importance of human life and honors victims they will never be forgotten. Hiroshima peace memorial is visited by more than a million peoples many of them are from overseas.

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    Tokyo imperial palace

    Most famous landmark of Tokyo. The emperor of japan makes his home in the imperial palace. The palace also functions as an administration center and the inner museum showcases Japanese art and history. After the disintegration of war &fire Japanese architects honored the past by incorporating modern design elements and make the palace more charming and attractive. The modern imperial palace is fully surrounded by conventional Japanese gardens, and receives people with its different entrances and has many function rooms to welcome peoples.

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    Himeji Castle

    Himeji castle it’s a best existing exemplar of Japanese castle architecture. The fortress was fortified during the feudal period to protect against enemies. The structure was rebuilt again and again throughout many centuries’ that was the reason the structure reflects different designs in different periods. The structure was survived from the atomic bombing in the Second World War and it was shown frequently in different foreign movies include the James bond movie “you only live twice”. The white extrinsic and design provide bird taking flight appearance to the fortress so the castle nicknamed as “white egret castle”.

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