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    Group Tour Packages From Coimbatore

    Traveling a group is where you go with your friends and family. Before going on this tour, you start the plan with all your buddies, we provide you with the best group tour packages. We make your itinerary according to your need at a reasonable price that matches your budget. Our tour operators try their best to make this group trip a success because it is a memory that you don’t forget for the rest of your life. I’m sure it’s a wonderful way to choose group tourism but it depends on your personality you can choose. Think of how you are in everyday life would be within-group or rather be alone? Do you prefer to be in the company of others or do you value your solo time?

    This trip creates you a chance to meet new people and make new friends. If there are friends on a group trip it would be more exciting and fun. We provide all types of Family Vacations, Adventures Buddy’s weekend, Educational Tour, Thrilling weekend trips, Student Academic Tour Packages, Group Holiday Tours, College Industrial Visit packages and, etc.

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    What are the benefits of choosing Onroadz Tours?

    There are a lot of benefits with us of booking your group tourism packages through travel operators like us:

    • There are many tour companies offers a variety of travel packages just according to the customer demands. But Onroadz Tours is one of the best tour operators got experienced team members who are professionals and cooperative services and satisfy the customers to make them comfortable throughout the trip. Onroadz are famous for providing the excellent group travel packages at an affordable price.

    • We offer a numerous cheap group tour packages including attractive hotels and places. You can choose your packages according to your requirements to visit the popular cities of different countries. Our group tour packages include staying at hotel, flights, food, sightseeing places like beaches, monuments and etc. In short we provide you an amazing travel packages and quality services at best price.

    • Onroadz Tours is here to help you, India’s fastest growing travel community. Our services include college trips, corporate trips, educational group tours, weekend special, buddy’s getaway packages and customized packages. We refuse to sacrifice quality, freedom and independence, and believe our adventures group trip should go hand in hand with unforgettable moments with like-minded travellers.

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      College Tour Packages

      College life are said to be the best time for college trips as you no more a kid. By travelling to different places of the country, exploring new things, meeting new people helps you in your character formation. This helps you learn a lot of new things and also adds to your college life memories. Talk to us about your trip and you will realize why our customers coming again and again with group of more friends. Our college tour packages guarantee you the experience of a lifetime!Onroadz Tours is the best students group tourism firm in India offers excellent college students tour packages at cheap. You can get in touch with us and we would be more than happy to travel and learn with you. Our college travel packages includes industrial visits, academic tours packages, North & south India group tours, Zoo visit & amusement parks and etc.

      School Tour Packages

      “Human being’s memory is an image oriented and not word oriented”. This is the important concept behind an educational trips, students tour packages helps to add new experiences to their life and getting bond between friends and stronger than before. We manage and plan specific content related to excursions in and around the India. Our Educational Tours packages give you opportunity to explore the world you have never seen before. Most of B-schools plan education tours to various different countries so that students can different work strategies being at different places. Our firm is NO.1 in India for providing Unique Educational group Travel packages especially for school and college students. Our tour packages include foreign educational travel packages, academic tour packages for school &college students, historical places, museum visit, and etc.

      Budget Tour Packages

      There are many travel companies provides an affordable group tour packages. Onroadz is one of them where you can book group tour packages at cheap, without burning a hole in your pocket. We strive to happily complete the whole trip and put a smile on your face while returning from the tour. And also a review says we are one of the best tour operators. Confused to choose which destination for budget tours? Talk with our experts and get a perfect plan to go with budget tour packages. A whole trip you will enjoy within a budget where you can visit lots of sightseeing places, accommodations and etc.

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      Why choosing Onroadz to go with group tour packages?

      Ensuring Quality

      We are the top tour operators in the service industry, we able to render the best services that promise your memories that would cherish for a long time. There would be a guarantee to your bookings that doesn’t get a bounce at the time of check-ins.


      The mode of transportation is necessary for a tourist to get to a destination. Our modes of services are good quality at cheaper, tourist can reach the area where the attraction is located. Our transport services take all the security measures to ensure the customers feel safe.

      Affordable Price Guarantee

      We often get better rates than the others can get net rates, etc. our professionals will help you to get cheap hotel accommodations and airfare depending upon the type of flights, which is far less when we comparing to others.

      Safe & Enjoyable Tour

      Customer’s safety is our main priority, when comes to the booking and traveling everything is completely safe. We ensure good safety for all our valuable travelers and extra safety for women, which you will enjoy your trip and makes good memories.


      Our team work round the clock takes your call even at the hours of midnight and tries to solve your queries. Like other tour operators, your calls don’t go through helplines. This is the biggest advantage is that there is a good hand always available.

      Hand-picked Hotels

      We reputed travel company provides a luxurious experience for our guests among others. Specialized in providing luxurious hotel accommodations most elegant, comfortable and enjoyable way by our experts.

      Book Best Family Group Tour Packages

      Confuse to choose which destination? Gives us a family group count, we plan your trip and make a perfect itinerary with best family tour packages at an affordable cost. In this trip you will feel completely safe during the journey as like you feel at home.

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      What’s special at Onroadz tours?

      Book your thrilling adventures weekend packages with our best itinerary at an affordable cost. Plan the location, choose the itinerary and we provide you the best weekend group tour packages with fulfilled memories.

      It is an amazing idea, gifting a vacation packages to your parents allow them to create unforgettable memories and will give them a chance to unwind from routine life. Our Senior citizens group tour packages which are really reasonable and we accommodate single seniors too. We take care of the complete end to end arrangements and special requirements like food, medicines and etc.
      Plan a tour with your buddies and get our best itinerary. We specialise in wildlife and nature and work closely with quite a few research stations in remote locations alongside getting you close to some indigenous tribes as well to understand their way of living and culture, and this will be added to the memories with your buddies.
      Festive tours! Sounds interesting… join with group of family and make wonderful trips during the festive seasons. We provide you in a unique way of and best in what we are doing. The festive group tour package plays a significant role in making them safe tour with worry-free, hygienic and divine experience.
      We have tailored tour packages specially designed for women. Onroadz’s ladies special tours provide a complete fun packages. So gear up girl gang and get going to create the most magical and amazing memories with onroadz’s women’s special group tour packages.


      We provide all types of group tour packages are Educational group tour packages, Students tour packages, family trips, Adventours weekend trips, buddy’s getaways, College tour packages, academic travel packages, South & North India Group Tours packages, and etc.

      If you want to enjoy the winter season then select a North zone, Kashmir is the best place for a winter trip. Shimla, Kullu Manali are the hub of adventures. On down, side ooty queen of hills, Kodaikanal, Coorg, and Munnar.

      If you traveling with friends, then surely you want the best option to fulfill the best traveling experience you have ever had.  Below is the list where you can enjoy your trip: Goa, Shimla, Ooty, Kashmir, Himachal, Ladakh, Coorg, Mysore & theme park wonderla, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, etc

      A group tour packages include your hotel accommodations, transport, breakfast, sightseeing, etc. In any case, if you want to do an activity apart from your own of your choice, which is not included in your tour itinerary, then the bill is on you.

      India is heaven for holidays, plan your destination then go ahead and discover the best with your families. There are some popular places are Delhi &agra, Andaman islands, Himachal, Goa, Kerala, etc. There are many many unexplored places.

      While comparing with any other packages, group tour prices will be much better as the accommodations, transportation, and other activities costs are shared among your friends therefore trip becomes quite affordable.