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    Finland has a tempestuous history, it was occupied by swedes later Russians finally the country get its freedom in 1917. The country is well known for its natural attractions. Finland is filled with stunning archipelagos, crystal clear lakes, towards north pristine wonderlands dominates the landscape. Finland delight visitors with its promising vast forest lands, snow-packed sky fields, cutting edge cities of Helsinki & Turku and some of most charming rough coastal extents in the world.

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    Finland – Land Of A Thousand Lakes.

    The amazing thing about traveling is it opens our mind and heart and makes us better people.

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    Helsinki the capital of Finland, the city is home to many spectacular churches, especially Helsinki cathedral it’s not your classically envisage church, it celebrates a distinctive, neo-classical style of architecture opened its doors in 1852. Twelve sculptures of Jesus apostles stand guard on the roof outside of the cathedral. After visiting this architectural wonder most of the tourists head towards market square it’s filled with food stalls, restaurants, headed patios make the place ideal for bite to eat.

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    Northern lights

    It’s a nightmare for most peoples to see northern lights once in their life time. Lapland offers close stunning views to the visitor’s to see this natural phenomena. Mostly crystal clear stellar night in the winter it’s a perfect time to observe this magical phenomenon. The magical colors of blue, green, yellow, purple, and red dancing across the sky will make you feel you are on the fantasy world.

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    Finland’s second older town, 48 kilometers east to capital Helsinki. The red wooden houses that line the poorvonjoki river on the edge town that was recognized as icon of the town. The river flows out in to gulf of Finland & connects capital (Helsinki) of Finland. charming steamboat transport connects travellers between these cities.

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    Lake saimaa

    Largest lake of Finland and it was home to more than thousand islands. The region appropriately nicknamed as a Lakeland. The region is filled with Winding waterwayslavish green islands and thick forests. The area is popular with Finnish ruralizes and travellers,Kayaking and trekking are the most popular activities in these regions. The region has wealthiest history with steam boats before the arrival of cars However nowadays days the area is all about show uppristine landscapes surrounding Lake Saimaa. It will offer charm look and attraction to the travellers and make them feel happy

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