World’s fourth most visited place. Constantly growing city the city is well known for its prominent high rising architectural wonders, resorts, & spas, futuristic towers as well as fascinating attractions. Dubai is famed for sight-seeing excursions such as Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building), the world’s largest gardens and markets, the aquatic world, and a lot more.

These prominent things make the city transformed itself from a desert outpost to a charming tourist destination.

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Burj Khalifa

Landmark building of Dubai. It retains the name of the world’s tallest building. Most of the travelers trip to the 124th floor to view the city skyline from a bird’s eye perspective it’s simply staggering. During the time of traveling in an elevator, the observation deck offers 360-degree views of skyscrapers to the desert on one side and ocean on the other side. Around the building was beautifully designed with gardens, plenty of water features, including the Dubai fountain.

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Dubai mall

Primary mall in Dubai. It provides entrance to Burj khalifa, & Dubai Aquarium. The mall has numerous amount of entertainment such as an ice skating rink, cinema complex, and gaming zone and you can shop & eat endlessly. And it has some special events such as music and fashion shows within the mall. The most famous annual festivals such as the shopping festival in Jan & Feb, Dubai summer surprises Festival in July & august are the most important festivals insight the mall.

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Jumeriah beach

The strip of sandy white bliss beach, it’s a number one beach destination for most Dubai visitors. The strung along hotels throughout the length of Jumeirah beach make the place a famous tourist destination for travelers. The beach has excellent amenities & plenty of water sports activities such as water skiing, jet skiing, paragliding, and surfing, near the beach was filled with spa resorts and hotels check-in at any one of Dubai’s luxurious accommodation and enjoy a convenient.

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Burj al-Arab

Worlds only one 7 star hotel Standing on the artificial island at the height of 321 meters in Dubai coastline. It retains the name of tallest & expensive hotels in the world with the most luxurious suites costing $15000 per single night. Those who have unlimited credit & want to experience over the top opulence go to dinner for underwater AI-Mahara Restaurant will offers floors to ceiling, Glass panels in the dining room walls allow you to see wildlife while you eat. Also, you can enjoy your afternoon tea in the sky view bar on the 27th floor.

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