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    The world discovered china more than 700 years ago from adventurer Marco polo’s writings. Many tourist attractions occupy china. Thanks to its enormous size it offers boundless scope for exploration to travelers.

    Want to Visit a buzzing city or prehistoric temples china offers an incredible experience. Track down some enchanting, unusual, adventurous things to do with our list of top tourist attractions.

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    Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

    For  the first time you saw the Zhanjiajie national park, it’s easy thing to believe how “avatar” director James Cameron able draw inspiration from it. The park was established in the 1982. And it retains the name of china’s first national park, located in Hunan province. It welcomes tourist throughout the year with it’s transparent streams plenty of wildlife & sub tropical vegetation. In golden whip stream travelers can see fish swimming in crystal clear water.

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    Forbidden City ( The Imperial Palace )

    One of the UNESCO world heritage centers in china, build in early 15th century, Forbidden city also known as Imperial Palace, located on Beijing, It’s a crucial place when visiting the country . The city serves as home for emperors in Ming and Qing dynasties. The fortress is fully surrounded by trench, it’s a world’s largest palatial complex, covering 720,000 square meters and it was protected by 10 meters high rising wall & watch towers. Probably it’s a most charming tourist attraction with the crowds to prove it.

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    The Classical Gardens of Suzhou

    World’s most important ancient gardens. The Suzhou classical garden must be rank highly on your travel guide book. The ancient city of Suzhou is located on Jiangsu province. The spectacular gardens were established during the period of 11th century at that time more than 270 gardens planted here. Now Suzhou has 80 gardens, administrative garden is most fame among others. a good way to experience Suzhou is canal boat riding.

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    Summer Palace

    The palace was located on northwest Beijing. Once upon a time it’s a play field for china’s royal families who wants to get away from Beijing’s summer heat. The structure was built in the year of 1750. After the century the structure was demolished due to French and British invaded in Beijing. after the restoration it  welcomes and entertain travelers with its attractive gardens, charm yards and many miles of picturesque pathways and walking trails.

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