Bali so-called “Island of Gods” undoubtedly the most famous and attractive islands among another Indonesian archipelago. It lives in the name of quintessential tropical paradise. Bali entertains tourists with its promising activities such as scuba diving, climbing an ancient volcano, sunbathing on a broad stretch of beach.

From pilgrimage to adventure whatever you want Bali has bit of paradise to offer every one of its visitor.

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“Don’t Talk About Heaven If You’ve Never Been to Bali.”

The amazing thing about traveling is it opens our mind and heart and makes us better people.

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Pura Tanah Lot

One of the most iconic temples of Bali, for Balinese people most sacred of all island sea temples. Tanah Lot is the most famous tourist attraction in Bali, the surroundings are very busy especially afternoon before sunset.

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The Nusa Lembongan Islands

Nusa Lembongan it’s a tiny island part of Bali province, exactly located on southeastern shores of Bali’s mainland. It’s a popular day-trip destination, it welcomes tourists with its white sand and crystal clear bluish-green waters. Many near places of Lembongan island are good for surfing, diving, and snorkeling.

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Mount Batur

Mount Batur is a most dramatic landscape situated on one of the islands at a height of 1,717 meters. It was located in the northeastern section of Bali. The summit is an occasionally active volcano that includes four craters, a lake,s, and several villages. Climbs to the top of the mountain and watch the sunrise is a popular activity, visitors also come to see Pura Allan danu nature of nine major Hindu temples of Bali.

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Kuta Beach

Once upon time it’s a sleepy fishing village. During the period of 1970s Kuta beach gained fame as a great spot for surfing in Bali. It was located in the village of kelurahan. One of the best-maintained beaches on this island. This island is well known for its nightlife. The southern section of the beach is mostly crowded on day or night. A short walk to the north end of beach, will also offer visitors a great sense of solitude.

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